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John Dreuth & Donna Stephens
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March 26, 2011

On Wednesday, March 28, 2007 Donna was talking to Tammy Jennissen while looking through profiles on when she found a fascinating profile about a guy who loves baseball and lived in Barbados for a brief time. Donna loves baseball and she lived in Grand Cayman for six years so she was very excited to find a guy who shared her interests. She decided to wink at the person letting him know she was interested. Later that night John responded with a quick email and their lives changed forever.

They setup a date for Friday, April 6 but at the last minute Donna decided going to her first Chicago Bulls game was more important than meeting her future husband. If you ask Donna, they never had definite plans as John was planning to have little league baseball practice that night if the weather was good.

Instead they arranged to meet the following Thursday after John flew home from Hartford, CT. With a tardy arriving flight, John took a quick nap in the cab on the way home before heading out to meet Donna. John was thrilled about this date as their phone conversations led him to believe that this could be his match. John was the first guy Donna went out on a date with from

They played pool at Chris's Billiards (site of a movie scene from The Color of Money) and shared stories of their time in the Caribbean. This date turned into a Cubs game the following weekend where the Cubs beat the Cardinals 6-0. And then a round of mini golf, burgers at Hackney's and a walk around the Northwestern University lakefront the weekend after.

At this time John was hooked while Donna was not as sure and they did not see each other for six months. As time passed they would get together once in a while but nothing progressed. Donna even told John that she just wanted to be friends, but John told her he did not want to be her friend. This surprised Donna as who would say that.

They continued to occasionally see each other until December 2008 when Donna realized she was ready to have a relationship with John. One problem, John was dating someone else. Shortly afterwards, John ended his relationship and started seeing Donna. This led to trips to Las Vegas (some of their friends thought they would wed while there), Alaska, Vancouver, New York and Oklahoma.

After about one and one half years of dating exclusively, John decide to re-create their third date, but this time he wanted a different ending. They played mini golf, ate burgers at Hackney's and headed over to Northwestern University. Behind a clear, cold May night in Chicago, Donna accepted John's proposal for marriage.

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